This is the archive of, one of the first mp3 blogs.
1663 tracks, 6 years, 10 months, 11 days, and as you've probably noticed the sites been very quiet of late, so here's my final post.

When we started "Winamp Says" back in 2002 there wasn't much out there like it, the idea of so fragrantly abusing copywrite in the aim of telling people about the music we where finding wasn't as pervasive as it is now. Opening the site up for everyone to post proved intermittently successful, but it never really formed into the hub i wanted it to, maybe it was lack of direction, or maybe its just the number of music sites out there. Either way at the moment I can't commit the time to it it deserves, so for now the site will remain here as a static archive until I have reason and time to re-launch it in a some kind of new form in the future..

To sign off heres a suitably esoteric mix:

track list:
bk 2 the future - Gemmy
Twenty Four - Martyn
Untitled - Stinkworx
Secret 47 - Jona
Diskozinzin - Siriusmo
Drank In My Cup - Electrik Red
Skillex - Letroset
Everything Is Changing - Bogdan Irkuk aka Bulgari
Sayonara - Yukihiro Takahashi
Talk Back - Logic System
Walter Neff - Matias Aguayo
The f**king Formula - Dorian Concept
Joppo + Eno (Pink Alert Re-Rub) - Antena
Coelacanth - Stinkworx
The Devil's Dancers - Oppenheimer Analysis
Haunted Harp - Legowelt
Transit to nowhere - Explorer
Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus


And you can track what I'm listening to here:

...theres still a few mp3 blogs out there:

this was originally meant for a pretty well known mc, yet talks have stopped for the time being.  my friends enjoy the instrumental so i thought id post it .  the track is, ..

Greetings, long time since I've checked out the gabba, its been very quiet but still some good stuff here. In honor of the recently released 8! volume "Masters of the universe 2" I thought I'd upload a track from it. Apparently this one guy is from my hometown Oslo too so props to him for that :)

For MOTU vol 1 go to:

2.5789276635479 yrs ago - straight from milwaukee via big al's roller skatin slapper waitress 

done by keith chinner, underground artist in houston, tx.  

i created this track, beat, bassline, vocoded chord to bassline, 32 track inc. effects to track, bd, bassline, delay, choir wave automation, vinyl sample, high pass filter, and created under the influence of paranoid schizophrenia where i thought limadly was joanna newsom and i was being filmed everywhere by michael mann.  made it in the likes of lee burridge, lb1
this is on my label, frequency llcits not for sale at the moment

80s (?) version of 20s folkloric ... spooky, nice organs,  hope you enjoy x

Skepticism is overruled on this jumpin' 'n' pumpin' remix.  If the house piano and the James Brown sample weren't enough, you'll be doing yourself a great favor by making it to the 3:00 mark when the song crossed over the event horizon and is pulled apart on the atomic level... and then re-assembled on the other side.

Psychedelic / Trance / Soul from UK. a little slow but i love it! don't you?

Ninamartine with Zingone. Norwegian/French electro.

found it on a facebook group. think it was on some french/belgian blogs last year. the original appears to have been released between 73-77. sounds like a pilooski edit. apart from that i know nothing. sorry that's not very descriptive..

1970's nigerian rock; great organ, nicely repetitive vocals, dancey rhythm...7-8 minutes long....

Something a bit more cerebal. A cover of o John Cale song based on a Henrik Ibsen play about an 'heroic feminist Hamlet' not an imediately appealing start to a write up but bare with it. Apparently the singer, Tony Wakefield, (whose voice I really like, a bit Robert Wyatt I think)Has a VERY checkered past. see: ork
Again, I know this aint looking good on paper, but trust me its a great track..

No.4. in a sporadic series of favourite basslines. Dumb as f**k. But 100% effective.
There was a reasn why I didn't post this weeks ago but I'll be buggered if I can remember why today, so stuff it, up it goes. It's not as if anyone else's playing..

a great song by arthur russell...a little "dancier" than a little lost, etc...

Lots of reverb. An asymmetrical dubstep sort of rhythm. Loud and dark.

A fix of pure POP that I suspect has pushed me into a period of dependency that will inevitably end in an OD and a rehab backlash. Still, right now my eyes are rolling in my skull.. mmmnnnnugh....